UWSC Announces 2018-19 Allocations to Agencies

Thu, 06/21/2018 - 8:00pm -- webmaster

United Way of Sumner County will allocate $664,701 to 32 partner non-profit health and human service programs serving Sumner County residents, the Middle Tennessee 2-1-1 helpline, non-partner agencies, and other United Ways from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019.

The allocations were made possible by donations from more than 4,000 donors during the 2017 United Way of Sumner County (UWSC) fundraising campaign.

“These allocations will provide needed resources to service providers throughout the community that make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors,” said UWSC Executive Director Steve Doremus. “The number of needs in Sumner County continues to grow, but we are blessed to live in a generous community that takes care of its own. Thank you to everyone who gave and made these allocations possible, to our allocations volunteers, and to our agencies that improve lives every day.”

More than 40 local volunteers from across Sumner County donated their time and expertise to determine the 2018-19 allocations for UWSC’s 32 funded partners. The volunteers reviewed agency financials, funding applications, and agency operations, heard agency presentations, and determined allocation recommendations. Those recommendations were reviewed by the UWSC Executive Allocations Committee, which made its recommendations to the UWSC Board of Directors. The Board approved those recommendations at its meeting in May.

“We have a dedicated group of volunteers who put in many hours of work to recommend the disbursement of funds,” said UWSC Chief Development Officer Erin Birch. “In addition to a core group of veteran volunteers, this year’s process included a large number of first-time members on our allocations panels. In addition to getting a new perspective on the needs in our community, I think each of them came away with a renewed appreciation of the work accomplished each year with United Way dollars. I can’t thank our volunteers enough for their time and thoughtfulness throughout the entire process.”

United Way of Sumner County will allocate $604,630 to programs in Sumner County focused on improving the daily lives and future opportunities of local residents. The allocations will fund programs that provide services in the areas of education, income/financial stability, health, and rebuilding lives. To see the full list of allocations to Sumner County agencies, visit our
2018-19 Allocations Page.

Also announced was United Way of Sumner County’s annual allocation to the Middle Tennessee 2-1-1 helpline service — a national United Way initiative that provides around-the-clock referral of local callers to appropriate human service agencies and disaster relief resources. For 2018-19, UWSC will allocate $7,000 to the 2-1-1 helpline program.

During the annual United Way fundraising campaign, some donors designate their gifts to non-profit agencies that are not UWSC funded partners or to other United Ways. During the 2017 campaign, those donor-directed designations totaled $53,071. These funds will also be dispersed over the next year.