Think We Before Me

Why give to United Way of Sumner County?

• United Way of Sumner County invests your contribution in a thoughtful, effective plan to ensure all communities, families and individuals are safe, healthy, and able to achieve their full potential.

• Our plan includes measurable strategies for getting to the root causes of problems, preventing them before they start, and giving more people options for the future here in Sumner County.

• Our plan helps to improve the nature of Sumner County as a place to live, raise a family, grow older, and participate in community life.


Why not give directly to an individual agency?
There are four good reasons: Oversight. Scope. Reach. Leverage.

Oversight – Most donors do not have the time to be personally involved with a non-profit agency in order to monitor the use of their charitable gift. United Way of Sumner County provides that oversight as a service to donors. United Way convenes community leaders to research needs, select the most effective approach to dealing with particular problems, and identify programs best qualified to do the work.

Scope – When you give to a single agency, you touch only one piece of the problem. You help a child, but don’t help the parent. Or, you find someone a job, but don’t help them with affordable, quality day care. United Way of Sumner County funds a continuum of services, so that the needs of the whole family can be met.

Reach – By giving through United Way of Sumner County, donors can make a difference on problems they personally care about, as well as those that fall outside the course of their daily lives. United Way’s broader reach touches people whose lives we can only begin to imagine.

Leverage – Your gift will have more impact when pooled with those of other donors, so that agencies have funds to operate high quality programs. When you give to United Way of Sumner County, you build a support for a campaign that is completely based on voluntary giving. United Way is most powerful when we bring communities together around a set of issues that can only be addressed collectively.