United Way Board announces staff reorganization, promotions

With an eye toward future growth, the United Way of Sumner County (UWSC) Board of Directors has announced the promotion of two employees and other changes as part of a staff restructuring designed to maintain the organization’s positive momentum while improving its overall effectiveness in the community.

Effective June 1, UWSC Marketing and Communications Manager Steve Doremus will become the organization’s new Executive Director. He joined the organization in Sept. 2011 as Director of Resource Development and moved into his current position in 2012. Prior to joining the United Way staff, Doremus spent five years as News Editor for The News Examiner in Gallatin and 12 years as Supervisor of Board and Community Relations for Sumner County Schools.

UWSC Campaign Manager Erin Birch will become the organization’s full-time Chief Development Officer as part of the restructuring. Prior to joining UWSC one year ago, Birch held a variety of fundraising and management positions with non-profits in Middle Tennessee, including seven years as V.P. of Development for Special Olympics Tennessee and five years as Professional Grant Writer for Nurses for Newborns of Tenn.

While her title will not change, UWSC Finance Manager Danielle Robinson also assumes new responsibilities as part of the staff realignment. Robinson, who joined the United Way staff last fall, has experience in corporate business management with several Fortune 500 companies and consulting expertise in the areas of finance and strategic planning.

According to UWSC Board Chair Dr. Del Phillips, the existing staff and its abilities are well known by the Board.

“We are very excited about the staffing changes we are announcing today,” Phillips said. “After reviewing several alternatives, our Board came to the conclusion that the best path forward for our United Way is to make maximum use of the knowledge and experience of our existing staff. We have watched this group come together and do a great job over the past five months, and I am confident that empowering them to move us forward is the right thing to do. We are looking forward to working with them as we work to improve our community in the weeks and months ahead.”

Doremus said the UWSC staff is already working to strengthen its relationships with donors, advocates, volunteers, and partners throughout Sumner County in an effort to make the organization stronger.

“On behalf of Erin, Danielle, and myself, I want to thank Dr. Phillips and our entire Board for its support of our efforts over the past five months and the confidence it has shown in us for the future,” Doremus said. “We believe 2018 will be our best year ever, and we look forward to hearing from all of our partners and stakeholders across the county as we look for ways to make a bigger impact in the community by working together.”