Black History Month 2022

Angel F. Williams, UWW CEO in The Legacy Project


Black History Month is understood as a time where we celebrate the achievements of the Black and African American community to honor their contributions to our society and culture. It’s important to remember that Black History is being made right now today, tomorrow, and the future. The actions we take today, create the future we desire.

The Legacy Project powered by Microsoft strives to lead the world in re-envisioning the narrative of Black History, in order to shine a bright light on the amazing accomplishments that Black and African Americans have not only made in the past, but are continuing to make right now.

As an educational initiative for all ages, The Legacy Project is living proof that Black history is alive and well, now and forever. It honors Black and African Americans of today, tomorrow and the future, and is a testament to the fact that Black History is a woven and integral part of History.

With the goal of inspiring and educating the community about significant moments and prominent figures in Black History, it also reminds us that Black History should be celebrated not only in the month of February, but each and every single day.

Please join us in honoring Angela F. Williams, United Way Worldwide CEO/President, as one of the acclaimed honorees in The Microsoft Legacy Project of 2022. She will be featured in an immersive virtual museum that highlights current Black and African American history makers creating pathways and opening doors for the legacies that will follow.


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