Our Work

Creating Positive Change

United Way of Sumner County has been working to create positive change our community since 1977 by bringing people and resources together to create positive change. By addressing the most pressing human service needs faced by our residents, we help families become self-sufficient, prepare children for success in school and careers, and provide resources to help our most vulnerable become and remain healthy. The combined impact of these efforts improves the quality of life in Sumner County for all of us.

What We Do

United Way of Sumner County serves as the hub of a network that connects givers, advocates, and volunteers with local businesses, schools, government, and human service programs to make lives better and our community stronger. We identify and address current needs by funding more than 30 non-profit programs chosen for their expertise to specifically target local issues. Working together, we collaborate to develop long-term strategies that will eliminate the causes of the issues facing our residents.

Uniting individuals and organizations to solve key issues is what we do best. We make it easy to create meaningful and measurable positive change in Sumner County, whether it’s through time, money or by raising your voice.


Our Impact Focus Areas

Providing programs that include early learning opportunities, youth mentoring programs, assistance in overcoming barriers to learning, and literacy training.

Assisting in establishing basic needs following emergencies and unexpected events, cultivating financial literacy, and helping families become self-sustaining.

Providing preventative care and critically needed services, helping seniors remain active and independent, and providing age-appropriate health resources.

Providing assistance in times of crisis or disaster, youth and family-focused counseling, and programs to prevent and recover from child abuse and domestic violence.

It takes a connected community

Your support allows us to connect experts in the fields of Health, Education, Financial Stability, and Disaster/Trauma Recovery (Rebuilding Lives) to families confronting issues like financial instability, food insecurity, illiteracy, inaccessible healthcare, lack of affordable housing, abuse and neglect, affordable childcare, senior independence, and more. We partner with more than 30 local agencies specializing in these areas that are focused on empowering every individual to achieve their full potential where it matters most – right here in Sumner County.

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