Impacting our Neighbors at Community Child Care Services, Inc.

Impacting Neighbors Community Child Care


"Having Community Childcare available to help with my foster daughter is an amazing feeling. She has advanced and grown drastically in just two months due to the attention and hard work of the workers!
Childcare can be one of the most stressful things about raising a child. Knowing my daughter is in a clean, safe place with teachers and staff who truly care about her, has been the best feeling. It makes a big difference having such amazing support from the community! We love Community Child Care Services!

The impact that CCCS has had for us, has been profound. And extended far beyond just child care during during the day. As a single parent, things like their food program or a number of similar programs that they offer, have been a life saver. Between those, and the level of genuine interest they have in my child (which wasn't the case at other places we've tried), I'm truly thankful for CCCS."

                                                                                                      - Community Child Care Services client