Impacting our Neighbors at Salvus Center

Photo of doctor holding hip xray


A woman who had built her catering business over 20 years from very modest beginnings was having problems with her hip.  Being self-employed, she had no insurance.  She had also always taken pride in taking care of herself and made a point not to take something from someone who needed it more than she did.  So she had tried living with the pain, but it got so bad that she finally called Salvus Center, a United Way Agency providing low-cost healthcare to those who are employed, but uninsured.  The provider there determined that her hip had severely degenerated and wondered how she was even able to stand! The patient was referred to a Salvus partner orthopedist who offers discounts to patients and who worked with a Salvus partner hospital who also offers discounts, leaving the woman with a manageable fee for anesthesia and a sliding scale co-pay. She had a hip replacement surgery done within 2 weeks and within 4 weeks was able to return back to work comfortably.