Impacting our Neighbors at Senior Citizens of Hendersvonille

Collage of pics for Senior Citizens of Hendersonville

"In June of 2013, my son went in for heart surgery (he was 59). Sadly, he did not survive the surgery. Then, 8 months later, my wife passed away after an illness. I began to sink deeper into depression. The extent of my days consisted of watching a lot of tv, in particular old western movies. My doctor had also prescribed medications for depression, which didn’t seem to help…Several of my friends kept inviting me to the Senior Center, but I didn’t want to do anything. After about a year, I finally went. I began participating in stuff like trips, chair yoga, chair volleyball and even Zumba. I was also invited to join the acting and singing group, which is something I never thought I could do, and I’m loving it! I am so proud I decided to give it a try. The members are so nice and have become true friends that I will never forget. The social time we spend together, eating meals together, exercising or even playing cards is so very important to me and I TRULY believe it saved my life. The Center has truly turned my life around and I am so proud to be a member.” -Jessie, Member of Senior Citizens' Center of Hendersonville