Impacting our Neighbors at Society of St. Vincent De Paul

Impacting Neighbors Society of St. Vincent De Paul

A 34-yr-old mom of two was divorced after 8 years. Shortly after, she began having problems with her gall bladder which lasted 6 months before having it removed with an emergency surgery. She was accepted to the police academy, but fractured her ankle during training. After her ankle healed, she applied to return, but then found out she had cervical cancer and Stage 4 endometriosis. It took almost a year to recover from a complete hysterectomy. She worked as an Uber driver to pay bills.  She remarried, but was divorced after two years due to an abusive relationship. Her credit was full of medical debt and her husband had taken her car keys, so she needed a car. The Society of St. Vincent De Paul offered her financial counseling with advice to deal with creditors, get her medical debts reduced, and obtain a car loan. They also helped her catch-up on past due bills to get her back on her feet. "I cannot express my gratitude in words for the work that Mr. Payne (from the Society of St. Vincent De Paul) does to better others’ lives. His work has impacted my life and my children's lives and we will not forget this."