Volunteer Spotlight: Len Silverman

Len Silverman speaking at 2024 Gala United
Len Silverman speaking at 2024 Gala United

Volunteer work at United Way of Sumner County involves a wide assortment of duties including assisting with mailings, stuffing campaign bags with United Way material, taking inventory, data entry, serving on committees, helping with event preparation and much, much more.  All of the volunteer work is critical to the success of UWSC, and appreciated by everyone on staff.

However, the most demanding volunteer role at United Way of Sumner County lies with the chairperson of the United Way of Sumner County Board of Directors. That position requires a volunteer with certain leadership qualities which enable them to embrace complicated endeavors to support and strengthen the UWSC organization.

The expectations are high and Len Silverman does not shy away from a challenge. That’s why he has been chairman of our board of directors – not once, but twice. He served as board chair in 2009 and is currently serving this year.

In all, Len has been involved with United Way of Sumner County for 16 years.

Len also has served as a UWSC campaign chairman in which he was responsible for spearheading the organization’s fundraising efforts in partnership with the UWSC staff.

“The importance of nonprofit chairmanship is often understated. The role is vital to the success of the organization,” says Erin Birch, CEO of United Way of Sumner County. “A great board chair understands the significance of the role – a strategic partner that manages the board, propelling the governing body to be effective, to actively advocate, to seek new revenue sources, and to be present. A board chair runs the board while the CEO runs the organization…it is a partnership.  Being a board chair is an honor and a privilege for those who care deeply about the organization they are serving. I’m grateful for the intentional thoughtfulness that Len has for UWSC.  He is available, positive, and active.”

One of the most challenging tasks Len has been working on with the UWSC staff has been finding new office space for United Way of Sumner County.

Len and Tracey Silverman
Len and Tracey Silverman,
long time supporters of UWSC

As the owner of multiple units of Huntington Learning Center and co-founder of Up To Eleven Marketing, Len brings his business sense to any UWSC discussion and takes a long view on how decisions will impact United Way of Sumner County and the agencies and programs we help fund.

“I'm a huge supporter of the United Way for variety of reasons, but the most important is that our mission is clearly to support this community in as many ways as possible, but not to carry the load alone,” Silverman said. “I'm a strong believer in the relationships we have forged with our partner agencies because they are the front lines and have the best visibility to the work that needs to be done to help their constituents. I'm proud of the United Way for diligence both in fundraising and being accountable for the use of those funds in helping our Sumner County neighbors in the areas of health, education, financial support, and rebuilding lives.”

Len has been an advocate for several organizations. He is the former chairman of COMPASS, former Chairman of the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce and has served on the board of trustees at Pope John Paul II High School.

Thank you, Len, for all you do!