Process for Designated Gifts

top of UWSC pledge form

Our Community Fund
Making a gift to United Way of Sumner County (UWSC) is the most effective way to help our whole community.  Donations to UWSC go into our Community Fund and are managed by our Allocations Process where, at the end of our fiscal year, a team of Allocations Volunteers from all over the county, representing various demographic groups, thoroughly vets each agency who is seeking funding by doing site visits and reviewing applications, financial documents, and video presentations.  In addition, the Allocations Volunteers review the latest in community needs data to determine the best way to allocate the money in the Community Fund to have the greatest overall community impact.  The Community Fund supports our work to ensure that no one lives in poverty or in poor health; that our neighbors’ basic needs are met; that all kids have an equal chance to learn and succeed; and to assist those who are recovering from trauma or abuse.

Making a Designated Gift
Some donors prefer to direct or “designate” all or part of their gift to go to one or more specific agencies or to another United Way office.  We process these donor directed gifts as a service to our donors and ensure that each agency receiving designated gifts is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Space is provided on our paper pledge forms to write in designated agencies and amounts.  Donor names and gift details are forwarded to designated agencies unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous or if an employer does not provide us with detailed donor gift information.

Agency Payments and Acknowledgment
Designated gifts made to our UWSC Funded Partner agencies are sent in addition to any grant funding provided through the allocation of dollars from the United Way of Sumner County Community Fund.  No administrative fees are charged to our Funded Partner agencies:  they receive 100% of your designation.  Payments are made monthly to these agencies.

Administrative and Fundraising Cost
For gifts designated to non-partner agencies and other United Way organizations, we currently charge a service fee of 15% to cover the costs of fundraising, collecting, processing and distributing these donor-designated gifts.  (The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance recommends that responsible charities spend no more than 35 percent of income on administrative and fundraising costs.)