Steps for a Successful Workplace Giving Campaign

Thank you for hosting a Workplace Giving Campaign!  Click the plus signs for steps to make the most of your Campaign:

  • If you have not already done so, please go to to complete the Workplace Coordinator Form which will help us get your campaign set-up at the UWSC office.
  • Consider scheduling an employee meeting where UWSC staff can kick-off your campaign by talking to employees about the work we are doing in Sumner County and the needs in our community.
  • Ask Senior Level Management staff to support the Campaign by encouraging employees to participate.  Ask them to speak at an employee meeting and/or send out an email/memo.  It is important for employees to understand how giving back to their community supports your company culture and philosophy on giving.  Make sure employees know if your company will match their donation in any way.
  • UWSC staff will deliver a start-up pack of campaign materials to you after you complete the Workplace Coordinator Form to set-up your campaign.  Before your campaign begins, double-check to see if you have enough pledge forms for each employee.  Please contact if you need additional supplies.
  • Be sure to let employees know the dates of your company’s local United Way Campaign and ask that pledge forms be turned in to you by the last day of your campaign.
  • Consider adding some fun ways to get employees excited about participation with some mini special events like paying for Dress Down Day, a special parking spot, or a chili cook-off, etc. 
  • As you collect pledge forms, be sure to give the pink copy to the employee.  Keep the yellow copy for your payroll department so they can process any payroll deductions, if needed.  Keep the white copy to turn into UWSC.  Paperclip any donor cash/checks to the corresponding white copy.
  • Please document contributions to your company campaign with the “Campaign Summary Report.” A paper copy may have been provided to you in your campaign start-up materials, but you may prefer to download and use the Excel spreadsheet that can be found at  The Excel version includes formulas to automatically calculate your totals.
  • Any money raised with a Special Event should be kept separate in an envelope marked with the name of the event and the total raised. Pledge forms are not filled out for contributions from Special Events.  Note:  if you have a large amount of cash from Special Events, please deposit that money and write a company check made out to United Way of Sumner County for the total amount of Special Event cash collected.  Write “special event” in the memo.
  • Please complete a Campaign Envelope. Inside the envelope should be the following:
    • All completed white copies of pledge forms.
    • Cash/Check contributions paper-clipped to the corresponding pledge form.
    • Any Special Event money labeled appropriately.
    • Printed copy of your completed and balanced “Campaign Summary Report.”
  • Notify that your Campaign is complete and we will pick-up your Campaign Envelope and any unused Campaign supplies.

Plus, we've gathered some great ideas below from local companies on what they do to encourage employee participation in their Workplace Giving Campaigns.  One company increased their campaign from 5% employee participation to over 50% employee participation and more than doubled the amount raised the previous year!  Click the button to get your inspiration: