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UST Box LogoSumner County has a history of coming together when times are tough, adapting to changing conditions to respond to floods, tornadoes, recessions, and unexpected tragedies. Through our community's compassion, generosity, and ingenuity, we have always found ways to unite and assist those in need.

Our recovery from COVID-19 is no different. While many in our county have lost their jobs, received eviction notices, and visited food banks for the first time, a growing number of our friends and neighbors are looking for ways to help despite pandemic-related challenges. As the hub of a network that connects those who are struggling with needed assistance, your United Way is launching a new initiative that provides new opportunities to share your time, voice, talents, and resources to create positive change in the lives of others.

The Unite Sumner Tour is an innovative event designed to bring our community together for the benefit of others in the age of social distancing.

To see the latest videos from our Unite Sumner Tour, visit our News & Voices Page. Continue reading in the tabs below to learn more about the United Sumner Tour, ways you can get involved, and what you can do to help.


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WHEN: Now - Dec. 31

WHY: Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, 42% of Sumner County Households were facing economic hardship, a number that has only increased with the economic impacts of COVID-19. Like many businesses, United Way's ability to share its message, engage supporters, and raise funds to create positive change has been negatively impacted by the pandemic, requiring a new way of uniting the community for the benefit of those in need. The Unite Sumner County is one of our answers to the challenges created by current conditions. The need to LIVE UNITED and create positive change in our community has never been greater than it is today.

WHO: Everyone is invited to be a part of the Unite Sumner Tour. Whether you want to learn more about United Way and its partner agencies, become a Change Ambassador to help lead our Tour, or just find a way to GIVE, ADVOCATE, or VOLUNTEER to create positive change in the lives of others, the Unite Sumner Tour has ways for you to get involved.

DESCRIPTION: The Unite Sumner Tour invites you to take a tour with us, virtually or in person, through the amazing work being done by our network of agencies every day. It will offer opportunities to join our individual supporters, church volunteers and faithful corporate donors who make incredible things happen with their generosity. Best of all, you can get involved at a level that fits the demands of your life and meets your desire to give back to the community.

The tour will answer questions about the best way to lend a hand – whether it be within a small circle of friends and co-workers or beyond into a larger community-wide initiative on social media pages, at church or businesses, or during social gatherings.

NEXT STEPS: We have several familiar faces and longtime friends of United Way of Sumner County who have volunteered to serve as Change Ambassadors during the tour. These friends will fan out across Sumner County to share information about how all of us can create positive change for our neighbors. If you're interested in becoming a Change Ambassador for the Unite Sumner Tour, click on the BECOME AN AMBASSADOR tab above for more information.

If you're looking for a way to get involved at a different level, perhaps as a donor, advocate, volunteer, or sponsor, or if you just want to learn more, click on the GET INVOLVED tab above.

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The Unite Sumner Tour is looking for a group of enthusiastic leaders who will serve as Change Ambassadors to help unite our community around a common goal of creating positive change in the lives of others. Whether you're comfortable visiting local businesses in person, making phone calls, or organizing speaking opportunities for the United Way team, there's a role for you as a Change Ambassador. You can find all the details below, and you can register as a Change Ambassador by clicking the button below. Once you register, you will receive an email with additional information, including a link for training (virtual or in-person), and be contacted by a member of the UWSC team.

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What is the tour?

  • The Unite Sumner Tour runs through the end of 2020
  • Provides an opportunity to continue community engagement and create an understanding of needs through education
  • Ignite community awareness, giving, and volunteerism through a series of virtual events, town halls, tours of agencies, social media, and ambassador grassroots efforts
  • Join us to Unite Sumner involving each person in our caring and kind community…together we will create positive change in 2020!


  • $75 ambassador investment to kickstart tour
  • Training on how to be a Change Ambassador (in person and virtual option)
  • Safe & social distance meetings/outings, virtual events, and/or phone calls with example scripts to engage or re-engage different sectors of our community (i.e. small businesses, churches, chambers/civic clubs, retirees, etc.)
  • Share social media posts and Unite Sumner Tour information
  • Recruit or host third party events


  • Opportunity to be first among Unite Sumner Tour & receive training on needs/opportunities in community  
  • Join people of all ages, professionals, genders, and races showing how Sumner County unites cross generationally, races, genders, and socioeconomically
  • Unite Sumner Tour UWSC Shirts, UWSC masks, & materials
  • Name and company association listed on website and promoted via social media
  • Create positive change in our community!

Click to Download the Change Ambassador Description Page

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The Unite Sumner Tour is putting together a menu of events and activities that will allow everyone to get involved with our efforts to create positive change throughout Sumner County. Virtually or in-person, whether you want to GIVE, ADVOCATE, or VOLUNTEER, we want to add your enthusiasm, voice, and resources to our team. Check out the opportunities below, and check back often for new activities as we identify them. If you have an idea not on our list, contact us with the form below and let us work with you to be a part of the Unite Sumner Tour!

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Take The Tour!

Sign up to attend a virtual or in-person Unite Sumner Tour event, like town hall meetings on needs in our community, presentations from partner agencies, and networking opportunities with others in the United Way of Sumner County network. Watch our social media sites and our Calendar of Events on the www.unitedwaysumner.org home page for event announcements and opportunities.


Host A Tour Event!

Sign up to host a virtual or in-person Unite Sumner Tour event with a United Way speaker, like a spirit night, a lunch & learn, an educational dinner, a Zoom gathering, or a Facebook Live for others in your circle of influence who would like to contribute their time, voice, or resources to create positive change in our community. Contact Erin Birch for more details about how you can host the next stop on the Unite Sumner Tour!


Invite Us to Speak!

If your group can't make it to a Unite Sumner Tour event, bring the Tour to them. Invite us to speak at your civic club, community group, business, or government committee to talk about economic conditions in Sumner County, the needs of local residents, or the local resources available for those in need. Contact Erin Birch for more details about how you can bring the Unite Sumner Tour to your gathering!


Give Online


Life is hectic, and you may not have time to participate in many Unite Sumner Tour activities. However, you can still get involved and create positive change with a gift to United Way of Sumner County. Click on the GIVE icon to the left to find ways you can give, or just click the DONATE NOW button below to make a secure online gift today. You can even donate in honor or remembrance of someone special in your life.

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