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Workplace Giving Campaigns are extremely important to the work we do at United Way of Sumner County (UWSC). Each year, companies participating in our Workplace Campaign help us allocate thousands of dollars in critical funds to support over 35 agencies serving Sumner County residents.  This money also supports our 2-1-1 service, United Way’s 24/7 help line connecting those in need to the resources that can help them. 

Hosting a Workplace Giving Campaign is a great way to create positive change and give back to the community where your customers do business, your employees reside, and your children go to school.  Workplace Giving campaigns represent collective action in giving, volunteering and advocacy. By joining the current movement of dozens of corporate partners in our community, you are joining a group of workplace leaders committed to making Sumner County a better place for everyone to live, work and play through creating opportunity for all.

If your company would like to sign-up for a Workplace Giving Campaign:

1.  Please select a staff member to be your Workplace Giving Coordinator.  This person is the critical communications link between United Way of Sumner County and people in your company.

2.  Complete the form below to get your campaign set-up and our staff will follow-up with you soon.

3.  Go to the Resources tab to find tools to assist you with your campaign. 

Company Information
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We highly encourage companies to include a UWSC speaker in their campaign kick-off.  It is an opportunity for UWSC to thank donors for their support, help them understand what UWSC does with the money they donate and how it meets the needs of their community, and provide resources for help that they can share with customers,  friends, or family in need.
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Our Community Drives include a Winter Care Drive in the Fall, our United We Feed Drive before the Holidays, and a Mom & Baby Care Drive in the Spring.
For a Day of Action, United Way of Sumner County will match volunteers with a variety of projects needing attention at United Way of Sumner County partner agencies. Examples include landscaping, storage organization, painting, and more. 
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